Some Simple Photoshop Tricks for Retouching Portraits

DON'T PANIC!!! I know so metimes the idea of using Photoshop seems terribly complicated. And some things can be. I'm still working on 3-D extrusions. But for simple retouching of a photo and a few other projects, you won't find anything more powerful or easy to use. Remember, with any program, you don't have to master the entire program, just those parts of it that are of most use to you. Think about MS-Word. It's really a full-scale desktop publishing program, you can create books and even simple websites with it. But most of us just want to write a letter or a report so we only learn the basics. The same is true of a program like Photoshop.

The other panicky thing about photoshop used to be the price. But now, you can get photoshop for a monthly subscription of $9.95 a month That's two trips to Starbucks. If you do a lot of photography, do illustrated reports for work, work on church publications, it is probably worth it to subscribe. I believe they also have a free 7 day trial or something.

Anyway, this is a very simple tutorial about some of the tools you can use to work retouch a portrait.

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