Enhancing your Photos Using Basic Adjustment Tools in Pixlr.com Express

Welcome to Making the Most of Your Digital Photos. I'm sorry this one got in a bit late. The editing took a bit longer than expected. The video is finished, but is not as smooth as I would like.

In this lesson, we will explore some of the tools you can use to enhance or even fix your digital photos. These tools are all available online for free at http://www.pixlr.com/express . As I say in the video, this is an overview of things you can do. Don't try to remember them all. We will touch on most of them in greater depth later on. This is a time to get familiar with the range of tools you have available and be introduced to some of the terminology of photo retouching.


What I want you to do this week is play around with Pixlr express. There are a lot of tools. I want you to just try out different things. Even if you don't know what it is, try it and see. Slide the sliders, add the stickers, play with the colors, and most important of all MESS THINGS UP!!! That's when you learn the most. Purposely make your pictures too bright or too dull, mess with the colors, use liquefy to distort a face. Then share your experiences in our Facebook Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/connectionstechnol...

Click the Join button to join the group. I'll approve your request. I look forward to seeing your fun messed up photos. Let's make it fun. See how you can mess up a photo worse than anyone else. (Note: Be sure to save a copy of the original photo under a different file name and do your editing on the copy and not the original)

BTW, these videos are downloadable. So, if you prefer to watch them offline, you can download the mp4 file.

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