From Technophobe to Tech Guru

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Our generation invented microprocessors, personal computers, wordprocessing, and the internet. It's time we claim our place in cyberspace.

Today's computers are user-friendly. With just a minimum of instruction, you can learn how to manipulate images, master social media, build webpages, do desktop publishing and more.

These courses are taught with boomers in mind. We won't be using a lot of "geek speak." We won't make any assumptions about your entry level knowledge. Each course assumes minimum knowledge. If you were able to surf to this page, you have all the skills necessary to master the materials in these courses.

Best of all, each course is free. You can make a voluntary donation to help support this service if you find it worthwhile, but the information is freely available.

These courses are taught by Terri Main. Terri is a retired college professor whose fields were oral and written communication. She comes to these courses from a humanities background

She pioneered online courses, use of computer technology in writing and public speaking, and courses in computer-mediated communication.

These courses are adapted to your busy lifestyle. Work at your own pace and on your own schedule. But if you need help, the instructor is just an email away.

So, the price is right. The time is right. Why not take the plunge? Hey, you might even end up teaching your grandkids a thing or two about technology.